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Last update 2022/01/22


This year marks the 15th year of the Fukusaki Laboratory, which was established in 2007. As we advocated at the time of establishment of the laboratory, our mission is to promote science with metabolomics (metabolite profiling) as a core competence and to foster human resources who will become international leaders in the biotechnology industry. In November 2021, Osaka University was selected as a JST Co-creation Field Support Program, and the "Innovative Low Food Loss Co-creation Center" was established with Fukusaki as the project leader, and Fukusaki Lab is now moving forward to a new stage with a new mission to solve food loss, which is one of the most important issues of SDGs.


In addition to the ability to define and solve problems, leaders are required to have the ability to organize and manage teams. These abilities cannot be acquired by merely accumulating knowledge. In addition to "Thesis Research" and "Laboratory Seminar," the Fukusaki Lab. offers a program that includes a unique "Practical Metabolomics Training Course" to efficiently develop the above abilities. We also provide graduate students with opportunities for internship-in-lab through active participation in joint research with companies. The graduate students are expected to become world-class researchers in the field of metabolomics research, and to acquire the active skills necessary to compete as leaders. In addition, we will strive to develop international human resources who can contribute to the SDGs, which are important issues in the world.

Professor FUKUSAKI, Eiichiro