Training course

Metabolomics training course

(Practice training course of the metabolomics)

In the Fukusaki laboratory, to acquire understanding and the technology of the metabomics, the practice training course of the metabolomics is offered to the freshpeople of the laboratory. When graduate school is completed, the globally advanced metabolomics technology can be acquired by understanding the policy of this course and digesting the program. By making both this training course completion and degree thesis research completion a graduate school requirement, Fukusaki laboratory aims at the training of the work-ready researcher skilled by the world highest level of the metabolomics research area.

(The reason for which the training course is necessary)

The metabolomics that is the composite region of bioscience, organic chemistry, the analytical chemistry, and the informatics just still made a dent on both sides of technical development and the operating method development. We are developing a novel technology of an analytical system of the metabolomics and a novel operation method. In the research of the metabolomics, a central aim is to obtain profitable knowledge by mining the observational data obtained from various analytical instruments. Acquisition of data with high quality that accuracy and reproducibility are assured and operation of steady data analysis system are necessary for an advanced metabolomics research. To achieve the above-mentioned, the technology improvement, standardization, and sharing in the laboratory become indispensable.

The students at the master course take a pivotal role on training course. And we execute an original training course intended for freshpeople of the laboratory. In particular, students conduct the lecture and the practice of each analytical instrument, and it is a minimal purpose to make the student who receives guidance come can do processes from the experiment to maintenance alone. And, the student who receives the training course turns to the instructor in the next fiscal year. By learning in B4, teaching in M1 and supervising in M2, knowledge is verified and the ability of the lead and the presentation that becomes important in the society is developed through the experience of OJT (On the Job Training).

English version training course for international students (Held in Oct.)